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I am an experienced, motivated, results focused IT apprentice. Having worked in all aspects of IT from application development to machine imaging I have the flexible skills needed to excel in any role. I have worked in smaller agile teams, in larger more regimented projects and independently as a hobbyist. I aim to be as productive as possible at work and home, often working extra hours and programming in my spare time.

I am completing an apprenticeship to learn new skills and practices to apply across the whole sector.

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Taken by my Raspberry Pi

Key Skills

  • Microsoft C# Certified Professional.
  • Skilled at all roles of development, from requirements gathering to intergration.
  • Fluent in the browser technologies, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Skilled using PHP, C#, Java, and Python for both personal and professional projects.
  • Experience in creating virtual machines and installing products to a variety of operating systems.
  • Practised at installing and configuring Warehouse Management Systems and Workforce Management solutions on client site.
  • Experience using SQL to gather reporting data from client databases, working with clients to show how SQL queries need changing to suit their business and using SQL management tools to host databases.
  • Installing and supporting Wincor Nixdorf’s NAMOS.
  • Implementing and supporting JDA’s Enterprise Store Operations cloud solution.

Career History

Total Produce

Junior Developer
November 2017 - Present

Total Produce is a farming multinational.

While working at Total Produce I am also working with Digital Native towards completeing an NVQ Level 4.

Digital 3rd

Junior Consultant
September 2017 - October 2017

Digital 3rd is a non-profit consultancy run by the owners of Digital Native. I worked with many clients on a variety of tasks.

I worked towards various certifications and new skills in preperation for an apprenticeship programe.

While at Digital 3rd I worked on:

  • Gathering location data using the Bing Search API.
  • Gathering location data using web scraping techniques.
  • Gathering opinon data using the GDelt API.
  • Creating a website for the Personal Trainer Rob Doody.
  • Creating a website for Timberwolf Tree Services.

REPL Group

REPL group is a consultancy firm that work to implements some of JDA's products.

While at REPL group I also trained with 3AAA to complete an NVQ level 4. Unfortunately I was unable to coplete training due to 3AAA.

As a consultant I worked on three seperate projects representing REPL.

British Petroleum

Implementation Consultant
December 2016 – April 2017
  • Setting up point-of-sale hardware.
  • Managing updates and changes to the software on the fly.
  • Installing, configuring, and ensuring point-of-sale systems work correctly.
  • Troubleshooting installations from the BIOS to the final product.
  • Managing time and limited resources in an extremely fast paced environment.
  • Planning for future maintenance with the needs of testing directors.


Implementation Consultant
December 2016 – February 2017
  • Designing and gathering requirements for testing and sales environments.
  • Providing effort and costing estimates to project management.
  • Installing and configuring these environments with JDA WMS (Previously known as Discrete) and JDA WMS Dispatcher 2016.1.0.
  • Liaising with consultants that will be using these services to ensure a smooth transition from the earlier system.


Associate Consultant
November 2016 – December 2016
  • Learning how to install JDA WMS.
  • Setting up oracle databases ready in this environment.
  • Installing the latest WMS release on to client testing servers.

Acorns Retail

Store Volunteer
March 2014 – October 2017 Dressed as Santa

I dressed up as Santa for fundraising, 2016.

Acorns is a charity that provides hospice care for children.

I worked at the Solihull branch of the retail stores, raising money and awareness for the hospices.

At Acorns my duties where:

  • Using the point-of-sale systems to serve customers.
  • Receiving donations from the public.

  • Steaming and tagging clothes ready for the shop floor.
  • General maintenance of the shop floor and the staff working areas.
  • Watch and electronics repair.


Apprentice Software Developer
September 2015 – September 2016 Dressed as Santa

Dynistics is a charting company that displays real-time business data through a webpage.

While working at Dynistics I gained my Level 3 certification with 3AAA.

At Dynistics my duties where:

  • Configuring and installing web server software to virtual machines, working with every Microsoft supported operating system.
  • Providing first line support to diagnose and resolve issues.
  • Acting as senior support, directing first line support in their approach to problems and offering solutions.
  • Creating sales demonstrations to generate revenue.
  • Creating specifications for new product features.
  • Working directly on the product to add new features, to find and remove incorrect code and to ensure code quality is upheld throughout development.
  • Worked on designing an automated testing system and the upgrade of legacy code-management systems.


Microsoft C# Professional
Exam 70-483
Achieved November 2017

View this certificate online.

This certificate was awarded for:

  • Manage program flow
  • Create and use types
  • Debug applications and implement security
  • Implement data access
BCS Level 4 Diploma
Software Development Methodologies
Achieved November 2017

View this certificate.

This certificate was awarded for:

  • Life Cycle of Systems Development Concepts.
  • Software Development Methodologies.
  • Data Roles and Responsibilities.


Digital Native - Ongoing

September 2017 – September 2018
NVQ Level 4

The Sixth Form Collage, Solihull

September 2013 – June 2015
  • A2 Use of Mathematics
  • AS Physics
  • AS ICT

3aaa Technology, Birmingham

September 2015 – September 2017
NVQ Level 3

Edexcel Advanced Apprenticeship in IT, Software, Web and Telecoms including:

  • L3 Diploma in ICT Professional Competence.
  • L3 Extended Diploma in ICT Systems and Principles.
NVQ Level 4 - Unfinished

Edexcel Advanced Apprenticeship in IT, Software, Web and Telecoms including:

  • L4 Diploma in ICT Professional Competence.
  • L4 Extended Diploma in ICT Systems and Principles.
Company lost the contract before completion of course.


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